Monday, September 7, 2009


“You shall never be nothing less than the air that I breathe, the sun that provides me warmth, the exquisite moon that I set eyes on every single astonishing night of my life ever since your existence”. Those were the words he had said before he pressed his perfectly full shaped lips against mine. It was all too perfect that I could even feel the stars in the sky staring in envy. I’d live eternally in this moment if I could. My heart was pumping fast that it skipped a few beats. He was all I desired, he made the years of wait worth more that gold buried in a treasure chest under the deep blue sea. My sadness no longer had control of me, neither does my emptiness. I could long for nothing more. The night ended after he sent me to my doorstep. We got all wet due to the cloud pouring its tears all over the city as it was lonely, its wishes were not paid attention to, were not fulfilled unlike mine. Before he left, he had given me a goodnight kiss, a perfect one. As soon as I lost sight of my one and only lover, I stepped into my home. I got onto my gray couch that has been with me for at least four solid years. It was perfectly positioned to face my bulky television set. I had the television turned on to see nothing but boring old repeated movies. I didn’t see the purpose of intentionally repeating them in the way that they do it so I decided to make my way upstairs and lay in solitude, in my bathtub. It has been a while since I took a bubble bath so it seemed like a very insinuative choice. The warm bath felt so good on my skin after a long day out with Nate. I had my hands behind my head as I stared at the ceiling, thinking of the blessing that I had received, that I don’t at all deserve. He’s as loyal as any human being could ever be, as hopelessly romantic and sensitive as any lady would ever hope for a man to be. The way I feel for him is unimaginably strong that I would jump in front of a bullet just so that his heart would continuously beat till he dies a natural death, a non-hurtful death that is.


My eyelids were half open as I stared into blank space for a couple of seconds. It showed 7.36 a.m. on my table clock that was placed right beside my bed, alongside the first photo of Nate and I taken at the beach. I still remember every inch of detail that happened on that day. We were holding hands while we enjoyed the view of the most stunning sunset. I had taken my camera out and faced it towards us so that we could have a picture that would remind us of that particular day, that particular never ending moment.

I had to freshen up so I went to the bathroom and got my teeth brushed and I took a bath. I don’t usually take my bath as early but today was exceptional. He was going to come over so I had to look my best, I always try to. Covered up by my faded purple towel that had my name sewed onto it, I browsed my closet for something lovely to wear. It was between this white dress that had pink polka dots on it and this beach dress that was sky blue in color, some small decisions in life are very hard to make due to my indecisiveness. After ten minutes of looking at myself in the mirror and comparing dresses, I decided to go along with the white dress as it is Nate’s favorite color. I had some pink blusher on my pale white cheeks to make myself look more appealing. As I headed downstairs, I had thought of what to cook. Maybe some beef bacon and omelet. Also, ten pieces of blueberry pancakes would be a good addition to the breakfast menu.
After I was done preparing breakfast, the doorbell rang. My heart dropped and lifted itself back up again after a split second. It was him, it was my one true love standing in front of the door waiting to come in. I was having the worse case of butterflies as I paced quickly to open the wooden door. He was wearing a body hugging white shirt that showed off his perfect abs. His hazel brown hair was pushed back in the best way possible. In my white dress, I felt triumphant towards his insane beauty. He came close to my face, held my hands gently and placed it onto his chest as he gave me a kiss that never could be better than it already was. I felt like I was being constantly hit by cupid as he never fails to make me fall in love with him over and over again. I was overwhelmed by the simple yet complicated fact that he was mine, never to be replaced. We made our way to the dining table and he looked at the amount of food I had prepared and took a glimpse my way. He was smiling in a way that I would kill myself if I had missed it. I served both of us the meal that I had prepared. We ate and were done after an hour.


It was 6.30 p.m. when the sun decided to take off from it’s job. I could sense that it was feeling awfully sleepy. We walked by the beach, with the breeze in our hair. The wind blew his hair backwards and his whole face was now clear for me to see. There was this silence in the air, words weren’t spoken, only the sound of waves crashing into the shore. The sun left this golden blue color in the skies that was all but ugly, just truly mesmerizing. All of a sudden, he stopped walking and swiftly faced me in his direction. He kissed me again but this time with more enthusiasm and my lips synchronized with his. He pushed me a little to speak. “I have something to tell you, but promise me you’ll be calm about it”.

“What is it?” I replied.
“First promise me” he said.
“Alright, alright, I promise”
“My family has this history of suffering from chronic diseases. Well, my mum was lucky enough not to suffer from such. My grandfather had died due to lung cancer”.

“Where are you getting at Nate?”
“Well, I have been wanting to tell you this but I was afraid of hurting you, emotionally that is”.
“I have never cared for nothing more than you and your wellbeing. You yourself should know how important you are in my life. I needn’t to remind you that, thought we were clear on it. Tell me! What is it!”

“Well..” he said as he clears his throat “I’m suffering from… lung cancer”

I could feel the triggering rush in my veins, it wasn’t good. I felt like screaming or to do something that would hurt me. I wanted to punch a brick wall just so that I would break a finger or all five. Make myself bleed till I drain out all my blood. I knew well enough that I couldn’t live without him. He is my life and forever will be. Without him, life would be meaningless, worthless just like being a genius in algebra when you want to be an archaeologist. I knew the expression I had on my face and it definitely wasn’t one of his favorites.

“My love, you promised me you’d be calm, I’ll be alright, I’m going through treatments , I’ll be fine” he said, in which was a failure attempt to assure me.

“How long has it been this way?” I said as my voice broke. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, washing the pink blusher away.

“Just a couple of months, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry”

“How could you do such a thing?!” I tried to raise my voice but failed.

“Forgive me, I only thought of what’s best for you”

“This is not the best for me, you are just being plain selfish!” I said. After a few seconds of silence, I asked “Did the doctor say anything else?”

From the look I displayed on my face, he knew exactly what I was asking.

“He did say that I would live for another… umm.. three months”. He smiled, trying to cheer me up. I wasn’t cheered up, I was sad as ever. I was angry at God for wanting to take my one and only happiness away from me. I have not done any mistake, a mistake that was big enough for it to be fair for God to commit a fatal abduction in such a way.


Two months later…

To be continued…

Written by,

Juria Hartmans

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honour [2]

Everyday, I use the same road, the road that leads me to nothing but my ordinary life. I took a glimpse at my poorly manicured nails and at the same second, a mercedes benz had passed along. I thought, what was God trying to prove, was He just rubbing it in?. I had already known what I have and what I dont, there's no point trying to prove it to me. All my life, I have been getting what I need instead of what I crave for, the essential needs have been taking the spotlight for almost quite a long time now. I'm sure that it has to retire someday but when is that day coming along?. I had known better than anyone else that I can definitely do better than this, but the big question here is, how do I do it?. That particular question messed around with my head for quite a long time, I have given all my attention and thought to it without noticing that the answer was right in front of me. Yes, I was nothing but blind. I could not see what was obvious, it was as if I was blindfolded by a thick black cloth. The right answer was to work for whatever it is that I had been longing for.

Since the day that I had removed the imaginary cloth away from my eyes, I managed to achieve whatever it is that I wanted. I felt soo extraordinary. Life had never been better and success had never tasted sweeter. For that reason, I have honoured and respected myself more than I used to due to the fact that I was able to discover something that I never thought I could. I no longer felt inferior towards the life that I live in.

Written by,

Juria Hartmans

*Not one of my favorites.

Monday, August 17, 2009


There I was, wishing that I had been less oblivious, less naive, less of everything that intended to slow me down during that current situation. There I was, wind with rough edges blowing into my hair, just for the sake of messing it up, just to meddle with my indecisive self, clustering up the situation with all of its magnificent strength. I thought, yes, I may be empty but what was left in me was the one thing that kept me going. It was the feeling of honour. Buried deep inside of me, as deep as hell was beneath the Earth. The honour I had was to myself. Self absorbed I may be but unmistakable at the same time. Having that in mind, the tragic yet meaningful event that woke the honourable feeling lifted itself into the air just like a balloon lifted by the helium gas in it. I was a person who never gave up, in whatever situation. My life has had too many downturns, yet I am still the most optimistic pessimist. They say phrases and quotes are just ordinary words but I feel that they are far from being just the run of the mill. Since I was younger, I have been trained to believe in these phrases, "things happen for a reason" and "blessing in disguise". Whenever an atrocious event happens, those two carry me back up, high up above the skies.

To be continued...

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

*Sorry guys, I lost my inspiration.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tick, tock, tick, tock. Seconds from being dead as the bomb would explode any second now. As I stood there, like a lamp post, did nothing to save my brother's life. He was cuffed to the bomb and the key was taken away. The existence of a ten year old's life was in my hands. I wish to do something, anything really, to save him. I had too little knowledge about wires that were connected to the bomb as I was a Chemistry student. I could feel the triggering rush in my veins, sweat rolling down my forehead. I couldnt be bothered to wipe it off and look neat. The stress was killing me as my brother's life was at stake. I was his last hope, last chance of surviving. The bomb looked fearsome, just like a killer. There were wires everywhere that even the knowledge from CSI couldn't help me. Time is the only thing that matters now, precious yet still was being wasted. My brother was screaming at the top of his voice and I could do nothing to help. I looked at the wires again and again and they made me too nervous that I felt like I was colorblind. "Red or blue, red or blue", the only thought that was running through my useful yet useless mind. I decided to cut the blue one off without any particular evidence of it being the life saving wire, just purely following my instinct. Time is golden, the most essential element at the moment. Tick, tock, tick, tock, seconds flew. I was burning too many brain cells already. I took the blade from my pocket and directly cut the wire. All of a sudden, all of the stress was set loose as the timer on the bomb stopped ticking. The bomb was turned off, thanks to my unbelievable instinct. I learned my lesson that time should never be wasted as it is truly important, important enough that it could save a person's life.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

*This was a request from my friend, Nigel ( ). He wanted me to write a story about time, so there you go :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Impossible

I wish to speed off on an endless track where obstacles don't exist. Read minds without any talents. To live in a never ending fairytale where flowers are golden and man are nothing but perfect, far from the ones in reality, instead, ones that may possibly teach me the meaning of love. To experience the absence of white lies is what I crave. I need to be at a land where fantasies are hired and nightmares are fired. I wish for the unreal to be real, and the term "too good to be true" to be less feared. To be blown by the wind, to let it take the lead, and to let it bring me wherever it intends to. Have wings so that I could flee in the direction that might grant me my bittersweet intentions. These were the last train of thoughts I had embraced while on my deathbed, inhaling my last and longest breath.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shooting Star

She was short of breath as it was unbearable, irrational, insanity towards the current situation. Idiotic more than anything, really. Such a strange scent had managed to give her emotional unstability. A black suit, made out of the best of all the best material one could ever ask for. It was hanging on him, in a perfect manner that is. She was mesmerized more than anything. It was like a gentle hypnosis to her. This has been happening to her every morning, starts around the hour of eight in the morning. If only he knew, knew about how he fascinates her. She was just a clerk, in other words nothing when compared to him as he was the leader, the boss. He gets all her attention from the point that he sets his foot out of the car. His black leather shoes shining, reflecting the sunlight. She tries her best to impress him by wearing lovely makeup at just the right amount to make her stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, she makes him great morning coffee. All the while, her effort was left unnoticed till one day, she tripped in front of him. All the perfection turned into a big misunderstanding, in which we may call an embarassing moment. The other workers were laughing their socks off but he, the goddess gave her his hand and pulled her up. From that day on, he started talking to her, realising her beauty and not forgetting her personality that serves up to perfection everytime. They were drowning in love and compassion. Her wish came true. It was a wish that was made when a star shot off from the sky. He had been her one and only wish since she first laid her green eyes on him. The impossible evolved into reality.

Not based on a true story, just my random imagination.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Friday, May 8, 2009


Again, a very random one.

Those hazel eyes carried some sort of meaning, a meaning that caught my interest. The meaning was hidden, one that never would I ever be able to know. Curiosity was the one thing that I wasnt lacking. Even with that existing, the meaning was still the boss of our "hide and seek" game. Those long lashes didnt give that much of hints instead they acted as a distraction. To ignore them was completely impossible. Fringe, covering his forehead as he was full of sweat. Every man condemned deep jealousy for him for he was insanity towards mankind, in terms of beauty that is. Lips as red as fresh blood. Sweat was trickling down his neck directly to his hard as rock chest. This wonderful discription gave me frustration as he was pure imaginary.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fiction - the next continuation

Never have I seen such a beautiful yet ugly person. He smiled in a way that melted my heart.

"It is more insinuative if we head to my place so that I could get you something to munch on, I'm sure you're starving."

I just nodded in agreement without even thinking before making my decision. My mind was blank, he was just too astonishing. My eyelids couldn’t blink for time would be wasted if I had lost focus on him. I was still sitting on the beautiful body of the jungle with my body feeling awfully weak, weak in a good way that is. He offered his hand to help me get back on my feet and without any question; I grabbed it with all the energy left in my body. I would never want to waste that rare chance of touching his hand. He pulled me up and we started walking with a pace that was slower than a turtle’s movement. The awkward feeling was floating itself around on air. The atmosphere was too quiet that I had to spill a word or two.

“Do you stay here all by yourself?”

“Err yeah, I guess you could say so.”

I couldn’t produce anymore questions for the only thing that was on my mind was how gorgeous he is. He had taken away my professional skills at creating conversations with acquaintances. I used to be well known for that back when I was living my perfect yet depressing life. Time flew swiftly and there we were, at our desired destination. His hut was made out of wood that seemed to look as if it was aging really bad. My guess was that it was built centuries ago. It was the ugliest hut that I have ever laid eyes on. He opened the door that was by a few inches taller than he is and invited me in. His hut was nothing but cozy and decoratively furnished. That taught me to never judge a book by its cover. Quickly I was asked to sit by the dining table that only allowed two persons. He went to the kitchen and brought me some food. He served it on the table and took the only sit left. Due to the hunger I felt, I started eating vigorously that I made him chuckle. I was so embarrassed that I felt the blood rushing to my face, making me blush. I stopped eating and saw a glimpse of guilt on his face.

“I’m sorry”, he said.

“No, it’s not your fault, I just lost my appetite”.

“It is my fault, I shouldn’t have hovered and chuckled at you eating”.

“It has nothing to do with you, it’s just…”

BANG! There was a loud sound on the door. I jumped in shock. He had asked me to go under the table and not to make a single sound. He grabbed his sniper and slowly took a few steps towards the door. He then grabbed the door knob and twisted it carefully so that he could open the door without making that much of noise. As soon as the door was opened, a strong wind pushed the door really hard that produced a crack onto it. He had to bend his body so that he could gather the right amount of gravity needed for stabilization. There I saw a creature, as dark as ebony flying its way through. It was heading in Nick’s direction and my heart was pounding. I was afraid of the possibilities of Nick facing his death. From that statement, I could say that I had some weird feelings towards him. As he tried to pull the trigger….

To be continued..

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Ravenous Workaholic

Alright, so I was flipping through the dictionary and decided to randomly choose two not so common words as stated in the title of this story. So here goes....

Monday, Monday, Monday, some just despise Monday. They say dreadful torture begins, where great pleasure ends, rainbows turn into ebony. It may sound like a heavy accusation towards Monday from the perspective of a positive minded person but extremely normal to people like him. Working could be practically said to be his life. As his eyelids open in the A.M., he freshens up and off to work he goes. Hops into his wrecked vehicle and speeds up to 40 miles per hour. When he reaches his destination, he shoots off to his office or shall I say the postmortem department. He goes by the name of Tom Carter, the one and only who's in charge of the dead bodies. Everyday, he cuts them open to find out the cause of their death. At first, it was a terrible task but as time went by, he felt a wicked kind of pleasure to it. The smell of it satisfies him. Without another being's knowledge, he would take some of the organs and pack them home. He likes them being not so fresh and pathogens lying around. As soon as he reaches his filthy home, a place where no one would possible want to enter, vigorously he starts enjoying his meal. Sometimes he fries them but most of the time, he prefers them boiled.

To be continued...

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Farewell My Love

The sunset glowing with it's natural beauty,
I had observed as I was balancing myself on this rotten wooden bridge,
My opinion says that it was built last century,
My arms were stretched 180 degrees seeking for balance,
Gracefully the sky and I made eye contact,
It had orange and light blue painted on it,
Soon after, I realised that it was the most beautiful time of day,
It goes by the name of sunset,
It gave me peace and tranquility,
My only wish was to be on an island with him,
Not long after, I felt a triggering rush in my veins,
I was at last happy,
The next second, tears started rolling down my cheeks,
Should I have only noticed that I hadn't a lover,
No one to share a mat with on the beach,
No kiss to taste,
No breath to smell,
All I had was a picture, an empty picture that shared a million words,
The picture had an insane glow to it,
Due to my unconciousness towards reality, the picture flew away from the palm of my hands,
All good things do come to an end.

My bad attempt at poetry, doesnt look like a poem at all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eardrums and Alarm Clocks

This would be plain bullshit but fun. Reason is because I'm just writing whatever that comes to mind.

As I was walking through the halls of that particular building, I felt the strong and rude wind in my hair, blowing with a bad temper. Weighing 45 kilograms didnt give much help in balancing. My body was bent, trying to gather as much gravity as I could so that I wouldn't fly off like a piece of paper. Why was the wind so angry?, I wondered. The possible answer to that question ran through my brain. Maybe it's because that building was actually a hospital that was built centuries ago, many have been there and not gone out. Maybe their souls didn't leave peacefully. Maybe it was the spirits that gave me a hard time walking. My eyes were barely open. It was insanity. The wind got stronger, so I held on to the nearby pillar. My left leg was nearly lifted. Maybe He wanted me to follow the spirits home. Stupid thoughts came to mind. The wind was getting even more powerful. I decided to let go of the pillar and let the wind have some fun, I bet it doesn't get that much of entertainment. Once in a bluemoon would be fine, in my opinion. As my fingers slipped, my head had hit on something hard and I had discovered a new weird irritating sound that was killing my eardrums. Killing my eardrums? I repeated the word killing, maybe, just maybe, I was already dead. My body moved in a weird manner, my hand was rising up and touched a solid vibrating object. In a split second, I realised that it was all just a dream and discovered that the vibrating object was actually my alarm clock doing it's job.

Just so you readers know, this is not really my dream. I just created it on the spot to test how spontaneous I could be :)

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6.58 P.M.

A slight glimpse of happiness was all I demanded. Salty droplets of water ran down my cheek and soon after, I realised that they were my own tears. Philosophy caught me as it made me think that millions of others are celebrating their achievements with joy or maybe just sharing laughters with each other. Some might just be losing their first kiss to their soulmate. God knows how bad I want to be in their shoes. However, I actually have a friend who feels just about the same way. He goes by the name of cloud. He was pouring tears all over the city. The only difference between him and I was that he was a non-living thing. He had no soul. All I was craving for was a friend to talk to but unfortunately no one wanted to lend their ears or their shoulder. I was cracking under pressure just like a pressure cooker putting effort to soften the meat on the kitchen stove.
Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fiction - continuation of Part One

....and I roared with fear as I ran as fast as I could to clear him out of my sight. I saw him chasing after me but I did not bother to stop. He had the look of a monster and from that statement, it was almost a self defense. I managed to get away from him and sat myself down on a humungous piece of rock while catching my breath. Smeared off the sweat that was dangling on my forehead and a flashback of his face came through my memory, he had a long scratch along the diameter of his face. He was as tall as the door of his hut, his back hunched as low as Derrick's self-esteem. Derrick is known as the geek in my school, extremely shy around the opposite sex. His head half bald. If I was mean, I'd say he was verging on grotesque. But there was one beauty that grabbed my attention. It was his eyes, as wonderful as the deep blue ocean. Pierced their way through my eyes without a doubt.

I had a lot of thoughts and unanswered questions wondering around my brain, the brain that got me high distinctions in my studies. School slipped through my mind and the thought of how much I'm missing my depressing life that I once wanted to bring to an end brought me to tears, plenty of them. I heard the sound of water splashing and the thirst that I felt was dreadful. I walked my way towards the attractive sound and got to the nearby river. I washed my hands thoroughly and scooped some water with my hands. It tasted so good that I wanted more endlessly. After I was done, I felt like a cactus as I had so much unfiltered water circulating in my body. Hunger stroke and my stomach was angry, grumbling and complaining in its own language. I wanted to feed myself but there was nothing for me to feed on as I was stuck in the middle of the jungle. This jungle was different , it had golden leaves. They made the whole jungle look gold, gold like treasure found in a treasure chest. I was blinded by the sunlight that was reflected by the leaves and as that happened, I thought to myself, "God, where am I?”

There was a loud crack sound that had given me no doubt that someone was there. The sound was loud enough for every Tom, Dick and Harry to hear. I jumped in shock. Looked all around with the vision that God gave me and saw the creature that had opened the door of the small hut. I produced the loudest scream that gave out echoes in the air. I tried to run but he jumped and landed himself on top of me. I used all my strength to get him off but it seemed that he was just too heavy. I could hear him putting effort to speak to me but I couldn’t be bothered as he scared the hell out of me. He closed my mouth to avoid his eardrums from being spoiled. He said, “I’m not going to hurt you, just listen to what I have to say!” He had this velvet voice that mesmerized me.

Due to the fact that I was mesmerized, I stopped moving and my heart skipped a beat. “I’m Nick”, he said while he moved his body away from mine. “I’m Tara Myles Green but.. you can call me Tara”, while I stared in amazement. He had a perfect set of teeth, white and all in their right positions.

To be continued….

Written By,
Juria Hartmans

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fiction - Part one

The best option was to die, to leave the world without ever returning, to make my departure fatal. I had everything I wanted without ever working hard for them. Depression might be the best word to express my sickness. I had not bother about a single thing that might affect my departure, not even my own birthmother's feelings. I was now the most selfish being that has ever existed. Hatred conquered my inner self,hatred towards everything that I lay my eyes on except for my slick device. That device would simplify everything without any doubt, pull the trigger and lose my soul. There, a done deal. Without any question, I'm now the only one who has the most power on myself. I could crack my own head with a hammer, hang myself till I lose my last longest breath or the simplest was to jump off the twentieth floor of a building and break all my vertebral bones. The best decision was made and it was to pull the trigger on myself. The device looked so slick that I couldnt help from admiring it. At first, it was just from a distance but as minutes passed, the distance between my lover and I became excruciatingly close that I decided to use him, use him to end my life with all my inner strength. The best place to carry out this event was the wide beautiful jungle. The jungle was the most appealing place in town for all my town had was just a coffee bar,a diner,a police station,a few housing estates, a few schools and other places that we could get our basic needs.

So there I was, standing still all by myself surrounded by the exquisite beauty of the jungle. My sweet man-killer gun was in my pocket. My heart was beating as loud as it could, a punishment for being nervous. It was 1.59 in the morning. I had to do it,end my journey.

It was already pointed at my head. I was feeling shaky and sweaty. My eyes rolled from side to side. I knew I had to do it,it was my only intention left. As I was standing, I saw a bright light shimmering my way. I got distracted by it that I forgot what I was here for. I stared at it with my eyes half opened. I wanted to touch it,to feel how it burns, so I decided to head closer. It was the most unforgettable ten steps that I have ever taken in my entire life. As soon as I was there, I touched it and poof! -- I was gone. I could feel my feet dangling but the strangest thing was that it wasnt dangling in the air. As seconds passed, I felt as if I was on my way to meet Death, my legs gone, my eyesight blind, my upper lip sewed to my bottom lip. The pain was unbearable, I couldnt take it.

Next thing I knew, I was in a land filled with wonderful creations. All the pain was gone, I touched both my legs with curiousity. My lips were not sewed to each other and I was no longer blind. I rubbed my eyes with my fingers and saw a small hut. The only proverb that was going on in my head was "curiousity kills the cat". I dumped philosophy and decided to be polite and knock on the door. A man opened and........

To be continued.........

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Highlight Of My Life - Part 1

The highlight of my life happened in the year 2008. It was that morning that I woke up at 5, suprisingly it was almost cold. It is almost impossible for my country to not make me sweat like a pig. The sun just doesnt want to take off from its job. It tends to piss me off at times but that morning was an exceptional case for I had the best reason to get out of bed with a smile carved on my pale white face. The reason was so good that if I had not gotten out of bed, I'd pull the trigger on myself. I went to freshen up,put some good clothes on and got ready to hit the road. I was too agitated that I forgot to feed myself. My mother had become my so called manager as she would take me to agencies for me to try out for television commercials. As soon as I reached my destination, I walked myself to the car that was booked by my agency. I was told that I was going to meet another girl who goes by the name of Sonya and so I did. Sonya was astonishingly beautiful and undeniably friendly. She had a british accent that suited her young face.

We were off to our next destination. It was up a hill where the temperature was 18 degrees at its average. I would usually suffer from car sickness but the excitement that I felt brutally murdered that unwanted feeling. As soon as we arrived, I sniffed the cold air through my nose and the feeling was breathtaking. I was told to give them a call when I got there. The excitement gave me killer butterflies. Sonya and I got ourselves some good food to fill our empty digestive system. About forty-five minutes after, we met them. Two of them were relatively short and the other one was rather tall. They were equipped with walkie talkies, a device that was created by men with an appetite for Physics. With our bags tagged along, we headed for the hotel room. One of them, the leader, was explaining to us about the plan that we had to be subsequent to.

Next, we got ourselves on foot to our next destination which was the stadium. As we were on our way in, we saw the S.W.A.T. team. They were in their army looking uniforms. Who would've thought that the team would be present at such event. After that, I stopped myself from thinking too much and was all ears as I had to listen to orders and instructions. I got to work at the V.I.P. section and Son got to work backstage.

I have always been obssessed with this celebrity who goes by the name of Jared Leto. Jared is one of the most beautiful creature that I've ever set eyes on. He has killer blue eyes that are in a perfect distance from each other. Eyebrows arched perfectly and long luscious eyelashes that any human with a set of XX chromosomes would kill for. His nose is pointed with just the right amount and his lips were smoothly shaped that any lady would want their lips to touch his. His jaw is indeed manly and he has the look of a pretty boy with a pinch of a masculine gentleman. He has jagged shoulder cut straight hair that made him more beautiful than ever. Put it all together and you would get God's perfect creation.

The event that Sonya and I were elected as ushers was called the MTV Asia Awards. The dreamy Jared Leto was made host.

As I was sitting by myself, I saw Jared walking towards me....

To be continued....

Written by,

Juria Hartmans


It was the 3rd of October 2008 where I started to realise that I had officially lived 17 years on the third planet from the sun or Earth as its nickname. At that point, stress and anxiety had already hit from every angle. From my perspective, being hurt emotionally is harder to tolerate rather than being hurt physically. All I badly needed was a short escape, maybe a week or two. I wanted it as bad as a lion that wanted to feed on its prey. After blowing the 17 candles on my chocolate banana cake, I was awarded with a suprise. It was all I wanted, all I needed without any doubt. My sister had gotten us two flight tickets to a paradise island called Pulau Langkawi. I was very happy that I decided to hug my sister as tight as I could possibly hug anyone. The funny part was that she could barely breathe!

We had an abrupt departure. As the plane took off, I started imagining of how wonderful the vacation would be. While that happened, I fell asleep. When I got up, the plane was already about to land. As it landed, I could hear my heart beating. As lame as it sounds, I was truly agitated by the fact that I was going to have a vacation.

We checked into our chalet called Malibest. Greatest news was that it was facing the beach. We were jumping with joy. We got into our bathing suits as soon as we could and decided to hit the beach. By that time, it was already an hour before the sun usually decides to take off from its job. Countless number of activities were provided but the one that caught my attention beyond any question was called parasailing.

After spending a few minutes enquiring, I got to parasail. I had the lustrous wind in my hair and bits of sand on my feet. I felt the sand moving as it tried to make its way through the strong wind or in its case we may call it the hurricane. The view that I had was undeniably prodigious. I closed my eyes and felt the stress making its way through hell. Hell in its case was my 7th heaven. Temptations were satisfied.

When I ended the amazing adventure, the sun was already sleepy. Its eyes were half open and that gave us the alluring sunset. My sister and I enjoyed the view as long as we could. We ended the day with a good dinner.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans