Tuesday, February 17, 2009

6.58 P.M.

A slight glimpse of happiness was all I demanded. Salty droplets of water ran down my cheek and soon after, I realised that they were my own tears. Philosophy caught me as it made me think that millions of others are celebrating their achievements with joy or maybe just sharing laughters with each other. Some might just be losing their first kiss to their soulmate. God knows how bad I want to be in their shoes. However, I actually have a friend who feels just about the same way. He goes by the name of cloud. He was pouring tears all over the city. The only difference between him and I was that he was a non-living thing. He had no soul. All I was craving for was a friend to talk to but unfortunately no one wanted to lend their ears or their shoulder. I was cracking under pressure just like a pressure cooker putting effort to soften the meat on the kitchen stove.
Written by,
Juria Hartmans