Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eardrums and Alarm Clocks

This would be plain bullshit but fun. Reason is because I'm just writing whatever that comes to mind.

As I was walking through the halls of that particular building, I felt the strong and rude wind in my hair, blowing with a bad temper. Weighing 45 kilograms didnt give much help in balancing. My body was bent, trying to gather as much gravity as I could so that I wouldn't fly off like a piece of paper. Why was the wind so angry?, I wondered. The possible answer to that question ran through my brain. Maybe it's because that building was actually a hospital that was built centuries ago, many have been there and not gone out. Maybe their souls didn't leave peacefully. Maybe it was the spirits that gave me a hard time walking. My eyes were barely open. It was insanity. The wind got stronger, so I held on to the nearby pillar. My left leg was nearly lifted. Maybe He wanted me to follow the spirits home. Stupid thoughts came to mind. The wind was getting even more powerful. I decided to let go of the pillar and let the wind have some fun, I bet it doesn't get that much of entertainment. Once in a bluemoon would be fine, in my opinion. As my fingers slipped, my head had hit on something hard and I had discovered a new weird irritating sound that was killing my eardrums. Killing my eardrums? I repeated the word killing, maybe, just maybe, I was already dead. My body moved in a weird manner, my hand was rising up and touched a solid vibrating object. In a split second, I realised that it was all just a dream and discovered that the vibrating object was actually my alarm clock doing it's job.

Just so you readers know, this is not really my dream. I just created it on the spot to test how spontaneous I could be :)

Written by,
Juria Hartmans