Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honour [2]

Everyday, I use the same road, the road that leads me to nothing but my ordinary life. I took a glimpse at my poorly manicured nails and at the same second, a mercedes benz had passed along. I thought, what was God trying to prove, was He just rubbing it in?. I had already known what I have and what I dont, there's no point trying to prove it to me. All my life, I have been getting what I need instead of what I crave for, the essential needs have been taking the spotlight for almost quite a long time now. I'm sure that it has to retire someday but when is that day coming along?. I had known better than anyone else that I can definitely do better than this, but the big question here is, how do I do it?. That particular question messed around with my head for quite a long time, I have given all my attention and thought to it without noticing that the answer was right in front of me. Yes, I was nothing but blind. I could not see what was obvious, it was as if I was blindfolded by a thick black cloth. The right answer was to work for whatever it is that I had been longing for.

Since the day that I had removed the imaginary cloth away from my eyes, I managed to achieve whatever it is that I wanted. I felt soo extraordinary. Life had never been better and success had never tasted sweeter. For that reason, I have honoured and respected myself more than I used to due to the fact that I was able to discover something that I never thought I could. I no longer felt inferior towards the life that I live in.

Written by,

Juria Hartmans

*Not one of my favorites.

Monday, August 17, 2009


There I was, wishing that I had been less oblivious, less naive, less of everything that intended to slow me down during that current situation. There I was, wind with rough edges blowing into my hair, just for the sake of messing it up, just to meddle with my indecisive self, clustering up the situation with all of its magnificent strength. I thought, yes, I may be empty but what was left in me was the one thing that kept me going. It was the feeling of honour. Buried deep inside of me, as deep as hell was beneath the Earth. The honour I had was to myself. Self absorbed I may be but unmistakable at the same time. Having that in mind, the tragic yet meaningful event that woke the honourable feeling lifted itself into the air just like a balloon lifted by the helium gas in it. I was a person who never gave up, in whatever situation. My life has had too many downturns, yet I am still the most optimistic pessimist. They say phrases and quotes are just ordinary words but I feel that they are far from being just the run of the mill. Since I was younger, I have been trained to believe in these phrases, "things happen for a reason" and "blessing in disguise". Whenever an atrocious event happens, those two carry me back up, high up above the skies.

To be continued...

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

*Sorry guys, I lost my inspiration.