Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honour [2]

Everyday, I use the same road, the road that leads me to nothing but my ordinary life. I took a glimpse at my poorly manicured nails and at the same second, a mercedes benz had passed along. I thought, what was God trying to prove, was He just rubbing it in?. I had already known what I have and what I dont, there's no point trying to prove it to me. All my life, I have been getting what I need instead of what I crave for, the essential needs have been taking the spotlight for almost quite a long time now. I'm sure that it has to retire someday but when is that day coming along?. I had known better than anyone else that I can definitely do better than this, but the big question here is, how do I do it?. That particular question messed around with my head for quite a long time, I have given all my attention and thought to it without noticing that the answer was right in front of me. Yes, I was nothing but blind. I could not see what was obvious, it was as if I was blindfolded by a thick black cloth. The right answer was to work for whatever it is that I had been longing for.

Since the day that I had removed the imaginary cloth away from my eyes, I managed to achieve whatever it is that I wanted. I felt soo extraordinary. Life had never been better and success had never tasted sweeter. For that reason, I have honoured and respected myself more than I used to due to the fact that I was able to discover something that I never thought I could. I no longer felt inferior towards the life that I live in.

Written by,

Juria Hartmans

*Not one of my favorites.


  1. Well, at least you found your inspiration again.

  2. Well done. Seems like life is all about how we perceive things, huh?

    For you, I leave this verse from the Holy Quran:

    "On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear."
    Extracted from Surah 2, Verse 286

    Wishing you blue skies and everything nice.