Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Tick, tock, tick, tock. Seconds from being dead as the bomb would explode any second now. As I stood there, like a lamp post, did nothing to save my brother's life. He was cuffed to the bomb and the key was taken away. The existence of a ten year old's life was in my hands. I wish to do something, anything really, to save him. I had too little knowledge about wires that were connected to the bomb as I was a Chemistry student. I could feel the triggering rush in my veins, sweat rolling down my forehead. I couldnt be bothered to wipe it off and look neat. The stress was killing me as my brother's life was at stake. I was his last hope, last chance of surviving. The bomb looked fearsome, just like a killer. There were wires everywhere that even the knowledge from CSI couldn't help me. Time is the only thing that matters now, precious yet still was being wasted. My brother was screaming at the top of his voice and I could do nothing to help. I looked at the wires again and again and they made me too nervous that I felt like I was colorblind. "Red or blue, red or blue", the only thought that was running through my useful yet useless mind. I decided to cut the blue one off without any particular evidence of it being the life saving wire, just purely following my instinct. Time is golden, the most essential element at the moment. Tick, tock, tick, tock, seconds flew. I was burning too many brain cells already. I took the blade from my pocket and directly cut the wire. All of a sudden, all of the stress was set loose as the timer on the bomb stopped ticking. The bomb was turned off, thanks to my unbelievable instinct. I learned my lesson that time should never be wasted as it is truly important, important enough that it could save a person's life.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

*This was a request from my friend, Nigel ( ). He wanted me to write a story about time, so there you go :)