Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fiction - continuation of Part One

....and I roared with fear as I ran as fast as I could to clear him out of my sight. I saw him chasing after me but I did not bother to stop. He had the look of a monster and from that statement, it was almost a self defense. I managed to get away from him and sat myself down on a humungous piece of rock while catching my breath. Smeared off the sweat that was dangling on my forehead and a flashback of his face came through my memory, he had a long scratch along the diameter of his face. He was as tall as the door of his hut, his back hunched as low as Derrick's self-esteem. Derrick is known as the geek in my school, extremely shy around the opposite sex. His head half bald. If I was mean, I'd say he was verging on grotesque. But there was one beauty that grabbed my attention. It was his eyes, as wonderful as the deep blue ocean. Pierced their way through my eyes without a doubt.

I had a lot of thoughts and unanswered questions wondering around my brain, the brain that got me high distinctions in my studies. School slipped through my mind and the thought of how much I'm missing my depressing life that I once wanted to bring to an end brought me to tears, plenty of them. I heard the sound of water splashing and the thirst that I felt was dreadful. I walked my way towards the attractive sound and got to the nearby river. I washed my hands thoroughly and scooped some water with my hands. It tasted so good that I wanted more endlessly. After I was done, I felt like a cactus as I had so much unfiltered water circulating in my body. Hunger stroke and my stomach was angry, grumbling and complaining in its own language. I wanted to feed myself but there was nothing for me to feed on as I was stuck in the middle of the jungle. This jungle was different , it had golden leaves. They made the whole jungle look gold, gold like treasure found in a treasure chest. I was blinded by the sunlight that was reflected by the leaves and as that happened, I thought to myself, "God, where am I?”

There was a loud crack sound that had given me no doubt that someone was there. The sound was loud enough for every Tom, Dick and Harry to hear. I jumped in shock. Looked all around with the vision that God gave me and saw the creature that had opened the door of the small hut. I produced the loudest scream that gave out echoes in the air. I tried to run but he jumped and landed himself on top of me. I used all my strength to get him off but it seemed that he was just too heavy. I could hear him putting effort to speak to me but I couldn’t be bothered as he scared the hell out of me. He closed my mouth to avoid his eardrums from being spoiled. He said, “I’m not going to hurt you, just listen to what I have to say!” He had this velvet voice that mesmerized me.

Due to the fact that I was mesmerized, I stopped moving and my heart skipped a beat. “I’m Nick”, he said while he moved his body away from mine. “I’m Tara Myles Green but.. you can call me Tara”, while I stared in amazement. He had a perfect set of teeth, white and all in their right positions.

To be continued….

Written By,
Juria Hartmans

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fiction - Part one

The best option was to die, to leave the world without ever returning, to make my departure fatal. I had everything I wanted without ever working hard for them. Depression might be the best word to express my sickness. I had not bother about a single thing that might affect my departure, not even my own birthmother's feelings. I was now the most selfish being that has ever existed. Hatred conquered my inner self,hatred towards everything that I lay my eyes on except for my slick device. That device would simplify everything without any doubt, pull the trigger and lose my soul. There, a done deal. Without any question, I'm now the only one who has the most power on myself. I could crack my own head with a hammer, hang myself till I lose my last longest breath or the simplest was to jump off the twentieth floor of a building and break all my vertebral bones. The best decision was made and it was to pull the trigger on myself. The device looked so slick that I couldnt help from admiring it. At first, it was just from a distance but as minutes passed, the distance between my lover and I became excruciatingly close that I decided to use him, use him to end my life with all my inner strength. The best place to carry out this event was the wide beautiful jungle. The jungle was the most appealing place in town for all my town had was just a coffee bar,a diner,a police station,a few housing estates, a few schools and other places that we could get our basic needs.

So there I was, standing still all by myself surrounded by the exquisite beauty of the jungle. My sweet man-killer gun was in my pocket. My heart was beating as loud as it could, a punishment for being nervous. It was 1.59 in the morning. I had to do it,end my journey.

It was already pointed at my head. I was feeling shaky and sweaty. My eyes rolled from side to side. I knew I had to do it,it was my only intention left. As I was standing, I saw a bright light shimmering my way. I got distracted by it that I forgot what I was here for. I stared at it with my eyes half opened. I wanted to touch it,to feel how it burns, so I decided to head closer. It was the most unforgettable ten steps that I have ever taken in my entire life. As soon as I was there, I touched it and poof! -- I was gone. I could feel my feet dangling but the strangest thing was that it wasnt dangling in the air. As seconds passed, I felt as if I was on my way to meet Death, my legs gone, my eyesight blind, my upper lip sewed to my bottom lip. The pain was unbearable, I couldnt take it.

Next thing I knew, I was in a land filled with wonderful creations. All the pain was gone, I touched both my legs with curiousity. My lips were not sewed to each other and I was no longer blind. I rubbed my eyes with my fingers and saw a small hut. The only proverb that was going on in my head was "curiousity kills the cat". I dumped philosophy and decided to be polite and knock on the door. A man opened and........

To be continued.........

Written by,
Juria Hartmans

Highlight Of My Life - Part 1

The highlight of my life happened in the year 2008. It was that morning that I woke up at 5, suprisingly it was almost cold. It is almost impossible for my country to not make me sweat like a pig. The sun just doesnt want to take off from its job. It tends to piss me off at times but that morning was an exceptional case for I had the best reason to get out of bed with a smile carved on my pale white face. The reason was so good that if I had not gotten out of bed, I'd pull the trigger on myself. I went to freshen up,put some good clothes on and got ready to hit the road. I was too agitated that I forgot to feed myself. My mother had become my so called manager as she would take me to agencies for me to try out for television commercials. As soon as I reached my destination, I walked myself to the car that was booked by my agency. I was told that I was going to meet another girl who goes by the name of Sonya and so I did. Sonya was astonishingly beautiful and undeniably friendly. She had a british accent that suited her young face.

We were off to our next destination. It was up a hill where the temperature was 18 degrees at its average. I would usually suffer from car sickness but the excitement that I felt brutally murdered that unwanted feeling. As soon as we arrived, I sniffed the cold air through my nose and the feeling was breathtaking. I was told to give them a call when I got there. The excitement gave me killer butterflies. Sonya and I got ourselves some good food to fill our empty digestive system. About forty-five minutes after, we met them. Two of them were relatively short and the other one was rather tall. They were equipped with walkie talkies, a device that was created by men with an appetite for Physics. With our bags tagged along, we headed for the hotel room. One of them, the leader, was explaining to us about the plan that we had to be subsequent to.

Next, we got ourselves on foot to our next destination which was the stadium. As we were on our way in, we saw the S.W.A.T. team. They were in their army looking uniforms. Who would've thought that the team would be present at such event. After that, I stopped myself from thinking too much and was all ears as I had to listen to orders and instructions. I got to work at the V.I.P. section and Son got to work backstage.

I have always been obssessed with this celebrity who goes by the name of Jared Leto. Jared is one of the most beautiful creature that I've ever set eyes on. He has killer blue eyes that are in a perfect distance from each other. Eyebrows arched perfectly and long luscious eyelashes that any human with a set of XX chromosomes would kill for. His nose is pointed with just the right amount and his lips were smoothly shaped that any lady would want their lips to touch his. His jaw is indeed manly and he has the look of a pretty boy with a pinch of a masculine gentleman. He has jagged shoulder cut straight hair that made him more beautiful than ever. Put it all together and you would get God's perfect creation.

The event that Sonya and I were elected as ushers was called the MTV Asia Awards. The dreamy Jared Leto was made host.

As I was sitting by myself, I saw Jared walking towards me....

To be continued....

Written by,

Juria Hartmans


It was the 3rd of October 2008 where I started to realise that I had officially lived 17 years on the third planet from the sun or Earth as its nickname. At that point, stress and anxiety had already hit from every angle. From my perspective, being hurt emotionally is harder to tolerate rather than being hurt physically. All I badly needed was a short escape, maybe a week or two. I wanted it as bad as a lion that wanted to feed on its prey. After blowing the 17 candles on my chocolate banana cake, I was awarded with a suprise. It was all I wanted, all I needed without any doubt. My sister had gotten us two flight tickets to a paradise island called Pulau Langkawi. I was very happy that I decided to hug my sister as tight as I could possibly hug anyone. The funny part was that she could barely breathe!

We had an abrupt departure. As the plane took off, I started imagining of how wonderful the vacation would be. While that happened, I fell asleep. When I got up, the plane was already about to land. As it landed, I could hear my heart beating. As lame as it sounds, I was truly agitated by the fact that I was going to have a vacation.

We checked into our chalet called Malibest. Greatest news was that it was facing the beach. We were jumping with joy. We got into our bathing suits as soon as we could and decided to hit the beach. By that time, it was already an hour before the sun usually decides to take off from its job. Countless number of activities were provided but the one that caught my attention beyond any question was called parasailing.

After spending a few minutes enquiring, I got to parasail. I had the lustrous wind in my hair and bits of sand on my feet. I felt the sand moving as it tried to make its way through the strong wind or in its case we may call it the hurricane. The view that I had was undeniably prodigious. I closed my eyes and felt the stress making its way through hell. Hell in its case was my 7th heaven. Temptations were satisfied.

When I ended the amazing adventure, the sun was already sleepy. Its eyes were half open and that gave us the alluring sunset. My sister and I enjoyed the view as long as we could. We ended the day with a good dinner.

Written by,
Juria Hartmans